Thursday, August 19, 2010

My little man is changing my luck!!

I always read about people scoring solid wood "soon-to-be" gems at resale stores for next to nothing.  This phenomenon rarely happens to me.  I usually see either "faux" wood pieces or the real thing at less than desirable prices. 

But every once in awhile the stars align..

I spied this sibling set of end tables that weren't marked.  So with my best smile I asked Mr. Thrifty "How much?"..He looked at my sweet sleeping baby and then me and said "$10.00 for both!"  Score!! (Hopefully this whole mommy and cute baby gig will turn my luck around!) I felt like we would be outed, because this particular thrift store overprices I ran walked gracefully to the register and around back to pick up my matching beauties and then hightailed it out of there.

So here they are before in all their honey colored glory:

I sanded them lightly and re-dressed them with a lovely light shade of gray.  I accessorised with glass pulls and gave them each a layer of distressing. 

After the make-over: I think they are elegant and sophisticated.


  1. Just stopped by from Better After - LOVE these tables & your wee little guys room is just precious!

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  3. I had posted something and it was totally wrong! I meant to say, I saw this on Better After and I will definitely be following you now! It's awesome! Stop by sometime!

  4. popped in from Better After b/c your blog name was so cute! I am ALWAYS looking for a diamond in the thrift, as you call it. Nice work...keep it coming!

  5. Heck yeah, he's giving you some luck! I love these! That gold was HORRIBLE! Good Jobbie Job Momma!

  6. Great Job Krystal!! Love those tables..perfect!! I'll watch Mr. Asher if you teach me a thing or two ;)