Thursday, September 9, 2010

New frames & photos on the cheap

I always find it amusing when people donate their photo frames with their family photos still inside of them..especially the old wedding photos!  Just sayin..

I found these frames at Savers..their tag color was 50% off that day making them a whopping 5 BUCKS..They were professionally matted and solid wood construction, and at 23" x 23" they are sure to make a statement!!  They came home with me!  

They received a quick coat of Glossy black to cover the 80's inspired faux animal print bronze paint job.
Since I'm not creepy and I wanted to frame pictures of my own cute baby, I disposed of the pictures that were in the frames and went to this website They are having an enlargement I bought 4 12x12 photos and shipping for $18.00. 

Here they are in our basement living room with photos of our family! If ever I decide to donate them I will make sure they are photo-less frames! :)

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